Optical nail whitener.

Mava-White — Optical nail whitener.

Various external factors (colour pigments, nicotine,…) can stain, yellow or make your nails look dull. Their aspect is then particularly unsightly.

The special formulation of MAVA-WHITE hides the unsightly aspect of stained, dull nails, while giving them a natural look. It is an optical colour perfector for the nails thanks to a specific optical azurant that react to UV light. Used as a base under a nail polish, it restores its true shade : no more colour that turns into a dirty beige, a dubious yellow or a dull red ! Applied on non yellowed, non stained nails, it will give an original bluish effect. As it dries it becomes matt and so also suits men whose nails have been stained or yellowed, perhaps due to nicotine, and who are concerned about the apearance of their nails.

How to use

To be applied as a base, over the entire nail surface and in a thin coat. Used on its own, it provides a matt, natural, well-groomed effect, that also suits men. Followed by nail polish, it will illuminate the shade, without distorting it. End with a top coat. For a better hold, apply a base (MAVALA 002 or BARRIER-BASE COAT) before and a top coat after MAVA-WHITE. It will give a shiny result.

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