Mini Color's

Vegan formulas

Our Mini Color's do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, or animal hair for its brush. Like all MAVALA products, they have of course not been tested on animals.

Handy and economic format

Its 5ml MINI size allows it to be easily put away, slipped into a beauty bag or a hand bag.
All its content can be used without wasting a single drop thanks to its small size. Their low and affordable cost allows them to buy 2, 3, or more.

Rigorously selected ingredients

A careful selection of premium raw materials has been made to ensure that the components of the MINI meet the most important criteria of a nail polish which are: hold, shine and colour stability.

1 bottle for 10 manicures

1 bottle of MINI can do 10 manicures ... that's a season! No more big bottles sleeping in the drawer. In addition, the shape of the bottle has been carefully studied because its silhouette with its shoulders and the diameter of the neck minimize the evaporation of solvents and thus ensure the correct consistency of the product.

Permeable to air and water vapour

The composition is designed in such a way that nails can breathe although they are covered with several coats of nail polish. The Mini Color's formulas are permeable to air and water vapour!

2 small balls for perfect fluidity and homogeneity

Before each use of nail polish, it is recommended to shake the bottle to evenly spread the coloured pigments of the formula. The two small stainless steel balls help this mixing and maintain the homogeneity of the colour while facilitating the application of the nail polish. No more bottles that are thrown away half full because the nail polish has thickened.

Easy and precise application

Nearly 200 bristles with rounded and firm ends form the MINI COLOR brush to allow an easy and precise application. The quality of the hair and its degree of flexibility are crucial to retain the right amount of product needed, neither too much nor too little. Resistant and non-brittle, it is of approved superior quality.


A long-lasting manicure is supposed to last 5 days several days if the nails are in good condition, if you follow the MAVALA nail polish application method (base coat, 2 thin coats of nail polish, top coat) and under normal conditions of everyday life. Our nail polish formulas are flexible enough to allow the nail to bend without the polish chipping.

Long-lasting shine

The advanced formulas of our Mini Color's, ensure a lasting shine thanks to quality resins which improve the adhesion and the resistance of the nail polish. For ultra-shine, apply COLORFIX, a colourless top coat, forming a shiny, hard but flexible film.

Nail-friendly formulas

Concerned about the health of consumers, their ingredients are rigorously selected by our scientific experts in order to compose the safest possible formulas. Our formulas are formulated without the following ingredients: toluene, camphor, xylene, acetone, phthalates, heptane, rosin resin, ethyltosylamide, triphenyl, phosphate, tosylamide/formaldehyde resin, preservatives (without parabens or other, because formulas are not subject to contamination microbiological). Mini Color''s are worry-free nail polishes!

Formula with Silicon

Silicon is one of the beneficial minerals specifically absorbed by plants and is essential for their proper growth. It is present in human connective tissues (skin, aorta, bones, hair, tendons, etc.). Only our Mini Color''s mentioned "+ silicium" contain it. By increasing the level of silicon present in the nails, it thus contributes to improving their quality and resistance.

Formulas resulting from scientific research

The Mini Color's are the result of scientific research by MAVALA Laboratories, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Criteria of rigor and excellence are the key words of the house.

Wide choice of colours

Large assortment of shades from over 300 shades: subtle, refined, modern, classic. New collections are created each season in accordance with the latest trends.