Protecting and repairing.

Lip Balm  — Protecting and repairing.

Lips are deprived of sebaceous glands. They are therefore more vulnerable and cannot protect themselves against dehydration and aggressive factors such as pollution, cold, sun, very dry environment. This weakening results in losing firmness, developing lines and wrinkles, lip contour becoming undefined and sore and lipstick smudging.

LIP BALM protects and takes care of your lips. It relieves damaged lips, wraps them with its fine, velvety texture and with its subtle vanilla fragrance. This balm protects and repairs, thanks to its balanced formula made from a botanical complex based on patterson’s curse, heart seed and sunflower oil, which provides a shield effect and soothes. This complex is combined to apricot (antioxidant properties), aloe vera (helps cell renewal, smoothing), shea butter (nourishing) and filters (to help prevent premature photoageing). Real restoring product for dry and chapped lips, but also ideal for all the lips that wish to retain their suppleness, softness and youth.

How to use

Apply daily to protect, prevent or repair. As often as necessary or desired.

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