Color Vibe Collection

With COLOR VIBE Collection, dare the clash of colours !

Color Vibe Collection — With COLOR VIBE Collection, dare the clash of colours !

Driven by the desire to challenge the status quo, the beauty artists are turning the runway shows of the Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 into a striking kaleidoscopic firework. On the catwalks, a deluge of pop and colour block creates a fearless rainbow, under which transgression is the rule.

Everything is permitted, thus everything is possible.

Make way for bright, vibrant, explosive shades that convey an obvious thirst for life. Fiery and electric hues of blue, violet, pink and vermilion are on stage with fluorescent colours. Unusual greens, deep and powerful, invite themselves to this so colourful party and embody self-assurance and poise.

Unusual forms and materials fusion with very expressive shades and dispense doses of joy in small dashes of colour, like these ultra-colourful and wacky accessories that add pop to any outfit.

This 100% colour trend, emblematic of the digital generation, is divinely instagrammable. Making new experiments, daring dissonance, breaking codes: in this pop and clubhouse atmosphere, there is no half-measure.

Dream or reality? It doesn't matter! The lack of freedom and spontaneity during this too-long confined game has given birth to a liberating energy where diversity and positivity merge to metamorphose the world…

It is up to you now to play and to invent your own codes, with the COLOR VIBE Collection of MAVALA, with its breathtaking and audacious flashy shades.


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